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The average American adult has approximately three fillings in their mouth. In San Clemente, California, Frederick A. Johnson Jr. DDS, Inc. offers composite fillings to protect your teeth from decay with a barely noticeable tooth-colored treatment. If you think you have a cavity and need a filling, call Dr. Johnson or schedule an appointment online today.

Fillings Q & A

Why would I need a filling?

When bacteria eat through your dental enamel and cause tooth decay, a dental filling is the most effective way to remove the decayed tissue and seal your tooth against future decay. Dental cavities are a widespread problem, affecting 92% of American adults between the ages of 20-64.

While a dental cavity may cause a toothache or sensitivity, in many cases, you might not have any symptoms at all. Dental checkups are critical to keeping your teeth are healthy, and getting the treatment you need to protect your teeth and prevent more severe dental health problems.

What happens when I get a filling?

Advances in dental technology have made fillings quick and relatively painless.

Dr. Johnson provides a local anesthetic to numb your tooth and the surrounding tissue to start your treatment. Then, using a small drill, he removes the decayed tissue. He works carefully and only removes tooth decay, leaving healthy tooth tissue intact.

After cleaning your tooth, he then fills the cavity with a tooth-colored composite resin filling and bonds the material to your tooth with a special light.

You can return to your regular activities immediately. However, the local anesthetic can last for several hours, so exercise caution if you have a hot drink or eat something that you need to chew.

How long does a filling last?

Dental fillings can last for up to 15 years. Dr. Johnson can replace old fillings if they become loose. Additionally, if you have old amalgam silver fillings, Dr. Johnson can remove the metal from your mouth and replace the filling with a modern, tooth-colored composite filling.

Not only are composite fillings nearly invisible, but they’re safer for you and the environment.

How can I prevent tooth decay?

The best way to prevent tooth decay is to take care of your teeth. Brush your teeth with a soft-bristled toothbrush and fluoride toothpaste for at least two minutes, twice a day.

You should also floss at least once a day to remove bacteria from between your teeth. And of course, attend your routine dental checkups and cleanings.

If you’re due for a dental checkup or think you might need a filling, call Dr. Johnson or make an appointment online today.